How to Choose the Perfect Modern Roof

Pitched, flat, butterfly, or skillion – whichever roof type you choose for your house, it’s essential to make sure the style works holistically with your final house design. Aside from well, putting a roof over your head, today’s modern roof designs can reduce energy costs, improve drainage, increase natural light, and add a sense of contemporary grandeur to a home. Let’s not forget about the all-important aesthetic appeal of a house and how your roof style fits in with other design aspects such as exterior walls, windows, verandahs, and curb appeal. We’ve collated the top five modern roof types to make your decision nice and simple. 1. PITCHED Also referred to as a gable or gabled roof, pitched roofs are one of the more popular roofing styles in Australia and are often seen on modern farmhouses and Scandi style homes. As the name suggests, a pitched roof is recognized by its distinct center pitch where two symmetrical roof panels meet. Aside from being functional, easy to install, and relatively cost-effective, pitched roofs allow for greater attic space compared to flat roof styles, and can increase airflow and energy efficiency in a home when built with vaulted ceilings. Pitched roofs also allow for greater water drainage. Three Birds Renovations chose a striking pitched roof to add a modern feel to this coastal-farmhouse renovation. 2. SKILLION While also technically a pitched roof, skillion roofs differ from traditional pitched roofs with a triangular profile as they only have a single flat roof surface pitched at an angle. Sometimes referred to as a shed roof or lean-to roof, the skillion design is popular in contemporary house designs for its architectural flair and unique silhouette. Skillion roof profiles are a great option when building a house extension.  A skillion roof plus Matrix™ Cladding adds a striking contemporary edge to this Melbourne home. 3. BUTTERFLY Also falling into the pitched roof category, butterfly roofs are characterized by their v-shape roof construction of two roof panels joining in the middle but in the opposite direction of a triangle pitch. The butterfly roof design is popular in modern eco-friendly homes as the v-shape construction allows for water collection systems and solar panels to be easily integrated. 4. FLAT ROOF Flat roofs sit horizontally on top of a home and have very little pitch in their shape. As flat roofs are relatively simple in their design, they are cost-effective, easy to install, and widely available. Unlike pitched roofs, however, flat roofs can be a problem when it comes to water drainage, leaking, and moisture retention if not adequately waterproofed. Space is the most desirable pro of a flat roof in that you don’t have to worry about upstairs bedrooms with extreme pitched ceilings and walls, and the extra space available on the roof can be used for a rooftop terrace or garden. A flat roof is perfect for achieving a mid-century modernist look! 5. SALTBOX ROOF Asymmetrical in its design, a saltbox roof (also known as a catslide roof) has two roof panels joined in the middle, but the posterior panel is longer than the anterior panel. Similar to the lean-to roof style, saltbox roofs were designed to extend the roofline and thus increase the amount of interior space. Saltbox roofs are easy to install when working with an existing house as the extended posterior roof panel is merely an extension and the whole roof doesn’t need to be replaced. Saltbox roofs are also favored for their excellent drainage and resistance to corrosion.

What is the Most Affordable Type of Roof? (& Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Cheap Contractor)

Needing a new roof is stressful. Especially when trying to figure out how much it’s going to cost you. That’s why a lot of people look for affordability when it comes to their roof replacement. But what is the most affordable type of roof for a replacement? Luckily, we’re here to break it down for you.  The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided high-quality asphalt roof repairs and replacements to the residents of Nashville since 1990. We strive to give you an experience that’s rare in the roofing industry with honesty, customer service, and a strong workmanship history. That’s why when you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about your roof again.  So, what is the most affordable type of roof? Always eager to help you find the right roof for you and your budget, I’m going to answer that question and break down why you shouldn’t hire a cheap roofing contractor even when you’re on a tight budget.  What is the most affordable type of roof? I understand everyone has a budget for their roof replacement. If your budget is tight, then you’re probably looking for the most cost-effective option available.  If that sounds like you, an asphalt roof is going to be the most affordable option for your replacement. Even though it’s the most affordable roofing choice, there are 3 different types of asphalt shingles that affect how much you’ll spend on an asphalt roof replacement.  3-tab shingles are the cheapest of the 3 types and are a great option if you’re on a tight budget. Dimensional shingles are the most common type you see on roofs today. They’re about 15% more than 3-tab shingles, but give you more life and better warranty options.  Luxury shingles are the most expensive option of the 3 types. They’re going to be almost double the cost of dimensional shingles, but they’re one of the most aesthetically pleasing roofs you’ll see. But if you’re looking for affordability, you’re probably going to go with a 3-tab or dimensional shingle for your asphalt roof replacement.  The asphalt shingle that you choose is just one thing that impacts the cost of your new roof. To learn the other factors that affect the price of a new asphalt roof, read this article on how much your asphalt roof replacement will cost.  4 risks of hiring a cheap roofing contractor for you asphalt roof replacement Now you know asphalt roofs are the most affordable type of roof for your replacement. I understand everyone is on a budget, but you shouldn’t try to find the lowest priced roofing contractor possible for your asphalt replacement.  Even if you get the most affordable roofing materials, you need to hire a high-quality roofing contractor to install them. That’s why you need to know the risks involved when hiring a roofing contractor because they offer you the lowest price in your area. 1. You get the quality you pay for When you invest in a roof system, it’s going to cost more for quality labor, roofing materials, and components. I understand everyone is on a budget, but if you hire the cheapest roofing contractor it’s going to show up in the final quality of your roof. For example, they could cut corners by not installing crucial components like drip edge and underlayment. No matter what crucial installation steps they skip, it will ultimately lead to roof leaks and more stress for you.  Hiring a cheap contractor means you’ll get the cheapest components and cheapest labor available, which sets your roof up for premature failure right off the bat. That makes investing in quality from the beginning crucial anytime you need repairs or a full roof replacement.  2. You’ll pay more money in the long run  Remember, when you hire the cheapest roofing contractor, it shows in the finished quality of your roof. Getting the cheapest roof possible might seem like your only option, but a roof is an investment. The last thing you want is to pay more out of your pocket after spending thousands of dollars on a new roof. When you hire a cheap roofing contractor, that’s exactly what will happen and you’ll have roof problems sooner rather than later.  These problems might not show up right away, but eventually, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run with repairs and eventually a full roof replacement. To learn more about how going with the cheapest options can affect your roof, read this article on 3 ways “cheap” roof systems cost you more in the long run.  3. Your roof won’t live as long as it should  Just like hiring a cheap roofing contractor will affect the end quality of your roof and will cost you more money in the long run, it also affects your roof’s lifespan. When you hire a contractor for their low price, I can guarantee your roof’s life will not be what the contractor said it would be. For example, a 3 tab asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of around 25 years. When you hire the cheapest roofing contractor, you won’t get anywhere near this lifespan.  The reason for this is you’re going to get the cheapest materials and the cheapest labor to install your roof. This will lead to improper roof installation and other problems, which always leads to premature roof failure.  They could cut corners, use incorrect roofing techniques, or not check your attic for adequate ventilation. Problems might not show up right away from hiring a cheap roofing company, but eventually, your roof will have leaks.  4. You won’t get the best warranties available  When you get a new roof, you’ll have two warranties. You’ll have one on the contractor’s workmanship and one from the manufacturer on your roofing materials.  If you get a dimensional asphalt shingle roof and use all of the manufacturer’s roofing components, you can register your roof with the manufacturer to receive the enhanced warranty. This warranty guarantees they’ll cover labor, materials, dump fees, non-prorated for 50 years if there is a defect in their materials. However, when you hire a contractor for their cheap prices, I can guarantee you won’t qualify for the enhanced warranty. Even if you do somehow qualify for this warranty, it’s highly likely it’ll be voided because of improper installation or inadequate attic ventilation. This only leaves the cheap roofing contractor’s workmanship warranty to rely on. Because you used the cheapest company around, you’re going to get anywhere from a tail light warranty (as soon as you see their company truck’s tail lights disappear your warranty is gone), to a two-year, or possibly a five-year warranty. It’s highly unlikely a contractor is going to give more than a five-year warranty on their workmanship for something they know is going to have continuous problems down the road.  They just want to get through the warranty period before your roof fails completely, and they have to pay to fix it. To learn more about your warranty options, read this article on what roof warranties cover (types and how long they last).  Ready to hire a reputable roofing contractor for your asphalt roof replacement? Now you know the 4 risks of trying to hire the cheapest roofing contractor for your asphalt roof replacement. Hiring a cheap contractor means you’ll get a poor quality roof that won’t live as long as it should and you won’t even get the best warranties available if any problems come up.  On the other hand, as long as you hire a reputable contractor and invest in quality materials, your new asphalt roof will give you years of peace of mind. Even if you get the cheapest type of asphalt shingle, you should still invest in a quality roofing contractor with a strong workmanship history. Now that you know an asphalt roof is the most affordable roof type and why you shouldn’t hire a roofing contractor based on their low prices, what do you do next? The next step is to learn how to find a great local roofing contractor you can trust and that’s the right fit for you.  But how do you do that? Luckily, we’ve got you covered.  The team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided the residents in Nashville and surrounding areas with high-quality asphalt roof replacements since 1990. We take pride in everything we do and are proud to offer you a lifetime warranty on our workmanship. If you’re local to Nashville, don’t hesitate to contact us to take care of all of your asphalt roofing needs. 

10 Wonderful Roof Design Ideas

Most folks don’t exactly go the extra mile when it comes to designing their roof. Sure, it is a means of keeping your humble abode effectively insulated and dry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t integrate a touch of architectural brilliance. Everyone loves a beautifully constructed home, and the best way of achieving this is by considering a nice roofing design. In light of this, here are some unequivocally fun roofing ideas that you may want to consider. The Curved Model The curved model pays homage to mostly agricultural structures. This is a purely modernist touch to roof design and texture, and many contemporary homeowners and millennials have entirely done away with adding stilts. Instead, they are more inclined to install an extension below their homes. This is an arched roof known as the ‘ship’s bottom’ and ‘Gothic arch.’ Wondering if this could fit your next construction idea? Rather than going the trial-and-error route, it would be wise to contact an expert and find the best Franklin TN roofing options for you. The Butterfly Design An inversion of the traditional roof primarily characterizes this beautiful roof design. The design consists of two sloped roof surfaces, both from opposite edges. The edges are made to invert or slope down towards the center slightly. The roof design is called the ‘butterfly roof’ because it resembles the wings of a butterfly. Roofing experts believe that this idea was initially introduced for those people who were looking to capture rainwater. The design was ideal for this because the water was collected in the central basin of the roof (the meeting point of two slopes). It has, however, grown to become one of the most popular roofing designs in most parts of the world. It’s a nice choice for those structures with multiple roofs spread out horizontally. Additionally, it makes for a lovely panoramic view of your roof. The Modern Flat Roof While the flat design is nothing new, it is a highly affordable choice for folks on a limited budget. For one, you don’t need a lot of roofing materials because it doesn’t have any complicated sub-designs. You won’t have to spend extra on materials to achieve arching or sloping designs. However, modern homeowners can add their flair of creativity by decorating the space and treating it like a terrace. If you’re not only concerned about the budget but also the time it takes to install, then this is still your best bet. Nonetheless, it’s good to find a company that advertises that type of roofing, like as an example. Shed Roofs Of The Future don’t have to spend a lot of money on the best designs. All you have to do is get a roofline installed, and you have yourself a futuristic design. Shed roofs are perfect for homeowners who are more inclined towards having ample ambient and natural light seep into the house. The Gable Roof A gable roof is a trendy design in low-climatic regions. This is one of the most inexpensive roofing designs you can have, and it also delivers an ideal opportunity for more floor space. Moreover, a gable roof can also allow more daylight to fill your house and increase the total usable area. A Decent Hip Roof A hip roof, which is also known as a ‘hipped roof,’ is an exciting shape where both ends of the slopes of the roof merge with the walls of your house. Hip roofs were a go-to roofing design in Italy. However, now they are even more popular in the US. This model offers a sturdy shelter against hurricane winds because the roof does not have a flat surface. The Dome Design It is precisely how it sounds like – a dome. Dome roofs are for homeowners who are looking to infuse a high degree of modernist creativity and design. Aside from the incredibly different aesthetics of dome roofs, they are quite durable. The Hexagon Gazebo Although the hexagon gazebo design is incorporated in outdoor gazebos, you can rest assured your house would be the center of attention for a long time if you opt for this design. The hexagon gazebo is exactly what it sounds like – it has six triangular sides, which immediately boost the aesthetical appeal of your humble abode. The Parapet Roof Design you haven’t heard of this type of design, that’s all right because it is a very new take on roofing styles and is particularly being installed by homeowners to enhance the overall safety of the house. The parapet roof is flat, but the walls of your home are designed to go beyond the roof. The Lean-To Roof It is also known as the ‘skillion’ or ‘shed’ – it is similar to the roofs on installed sheds, slightly sloped and extended. However, nowadays, homeowners are taking this concept and adding it to their roofs because it is affordable and functional. Because the lean-to roof has a single slope extension, water drainage becomes easy. Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing A Roof Design Here are important considerations you should make in choosing a roof design: Climate: A cement, terracotta, ceramic, or clay tile roof is one of the best options if you live in a city with a hot climate because these roofing materials are the least thermally conductive. They’re also much sturdier than others and can thus withstand typhoons better. If you live in a place with a cold climate, avoid a complicated roof design that could allow ice or snow to accumulate on it and cause major roof damage. Choosing a simple gable roof instead would be a good idea; it’s sturdy and strong, and it can shed snow easily.Energy-Efficiency: You can save money by reducing your energy bill if you choose a roof design that can maximize the energy efficiency inside your home. Metal, tile, and asphalt shingle roofing materials promise to improve the insulation of your home. These materials are naturally reflective and will help reduce your home’s energy consumption. You can hire a professional to help create the best roofing design for your property, such as RoofPRO or any other reputable contractor.