When Is the Best Time of Year to Replace My Roof?

While roofing contractors work year-round to install and repair roofs, and a high quality roofer will guarantee the same standards of work regardless of the season, the weather and temperature at the time of a roof replacement can impact on how easy the process is, and how much it will cost. To help you get to grips with the best time of year to replace your roof, we’ve got all the information you need on how the season affects the workmanship of a roof replacement, and when’s the most convenient time to book in your service.

The seasons; a summary

Spring is a fairly steady time of year for roofing contractors, and the middling spring weather poses no problems for roof replacements. This is often a very good time to book your roof replacement.

Summer tends to be a quieter, off-peak period when it comes to roof replacements. Usually the summer weather is much less volatile than the windy and wet autumn months, so roofing problems aren’t as apparent and, therefore, fewer homeowners require the services of a roofing contractor.

Autumn is the peak time for roofing replacements, with many families opting for their roof to be repaired now in preparation for the cold snap. Autumn is usually very busy, so you will need to schedule in your roof replacement very early on to ensure that your chosen contractor can fit you in.

Winter is not a recommended time for shingle roof replacements, as the low temperatures can cause materials to freeze or harden and then crack under the pressure of a nail or tool. For tiles and other more reliable materials, replacements can be carried out in winter, but be warned that roofing contractors are often in high demand to carry out emergency repairs during this time.

What season is right for me?

Every homeowner has different priorities when it comes to their roofing concerns, with some looking for a bargain price, while others are more concerned with the ease of service. Here we’ve got the best season for each concern:

To get the best price… Avoid peak times such as autumn if you’re looking for a discounted price. To get the best deal, look into booking your roof replacement in summer, when your roofing contractor hasn’t as much work on and may be able to offer you a lower price.

For a quick service… If you are looking for a quick, efficient and fuss-free service, we’d recommend that you avoid choosing to have your roof replacement in autumn or winter, as it is likely that your roofing contractor will be inundated with work and may not be able to offer the streamlined service that you’re looking for. Instead, opt for a spring or summer replacement and avoid the rush.

To prepare for harsh weather… Winter is the most volatile weather your roof will have to endure, so if you’re worried your current system won’t withstand the conditions, make sure to have your roof repaired in autumn.

Winter: Is it ever worthwhile?

As we’ve previously mentioned, working with some materials, such as shingles, isn’t really feasible in winter, especially not if you want good results. However, if you discuss this with your roofing contractor and choose a more suitable material, there is no reason why you should cry off your roof replacement just because it is winter. In fact, if your roof is in particularly bad condition, you should make replacing your roof a priority to prevent the damage from worsening.

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